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Birth Rights:

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Why women deserve the best maternity care available is because growing a new human is a special time in a woman's life and her provider should giver her personalized care not a standard cookie cutter plan of care. (SUPPORT)

We believe women deserve to choose who provides that care and not be limited by insurance guidelines. Your birth plan is important to you and should be respected by the provider who assists you with your birth. (TRUST)

We believe women deserve to choose the environment they give birth in. Insurance plans often direct women where to birth, more and more options are being covered and yet we encourage women to choose what is comfortable to them. (ACCESS)

We believe women deserve to have their safety be a priority. Medical interventions have been shown to lead to cesarean deliveries which presents many risks. The routine use of labor induction (Pitocin) and epidurals are the leading interventions correlated to high cesarean-section delivery rates, especially elective or scheduled inductions of labor before the natural onset of labor. Education about these risks and the impact on the fetus and long term affects on the child now available from research. Details are often skimmed over and not heard by the women who is afraid and unaware of how her body is designed to handle child birth all on its own. (RESPECT)

STAR - when a woman is supported, trusts her provider and her body, has access to the birth location of her choice, and is given the respect of good education throughout her pregnancy: she is the STAR. Patient centered care includes all of these aspects. Finding the right mix of personality, care and shines the light on you can be a challenge, but you and your baby are worth taking the time to find the right fit.

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