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Birth Rights:

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Women deserve the best maternity care available.

Women deserve to choose who provides that care.

Women deserve to choose the environment they give birth in.

Women deserve to have their safety be a priority.

The environment has an impact on women as they begin the birthing process.

Feeling safe is critical when welcoming a baby into the world.

Delivery providers are uniquely trained to assist mom as baby enters this world.

Trust is the foundation for family and provider working together for a safe delivery.

Mom shares her immunity with the baby even after birth through breastfeeding.

There are always risks and micro-bacteria exist everywhere.

Teamwork ensures the baby's smooth transition from womb to world.

It is the woman's choice....information is here to assist all about choosing a safe option.

       ~Leann Fremont, Student Nurse       

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Father and Mother looking at their newborn
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